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Ultimate Windows, Inc. was founded by Jack Perrino in August of 1989. Located in a small three story building he began manufacturing windows with just two employees and a single product line. The product line consisted of an all vinyl, fuse-welded double hung window and horizontal sliding windows.

Ultimate Windows IncIn the years that followed Ultimate Windows, Inc. added three more window lines consisting of more than 15 types of windows and sliding doors.

In 1994 due to the growth in the volume of windows being produced Ultimate Windows moved to a larger facility located at 110 Chelsea St., Everett. Although this move almost tripled the manufacturing space, it was quickly out grown. In 1997 they acquired the building located at 110 Chelsea Street.

Ultimate Windows remodeled this property and moved its offices. In remodeling the building Ultimate Windows and its owner Jack Perrino were given an award for city beautification by the city of Everett. This move increased Ultimate Windows manufacturing and storage capacity by another 50%. Ultimate Windows, Inc. now offers a diversified and intriguing array of vinyl windows and doors in a variety of colors for every application.

If you have any questions regarding any of our products please do not hesitate to?Contact Us.

Ultimate Windows, Inc. Double Hung

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