Double-Slider Windows

The fully welded Euroweld Double-Slider Window, like all of our windows, is designed to meet the demands of the most informed buyer.

It represents the state of art in today's advanced technology. It is manufactured with the highest quality vinyl extrusions for extreme durability and weather resistance.

Features and Benefits

Double Slider Cutaway
  • Fusion welded frame and sash units
  • Interlocking meeting rail w/ "Tri-Seal" system
  • Colonial or Diamond grids available
  • Integral latch system and slim sight lines
  • Sloped sill for efficient water control
  • 3-1/4" deep jamb - no mess installation
  • 13/16" Insulated Low E Glass
  • Night latches
  • Tilt-In sashes for easy cleaning
  • Colors: European White, Beige

Structural Performance  
Air@ 25 MPH Infiltration .07 CFM/ft.
Water Penetration 6.00 psf/No Entry
Uniform Loads ±52.5 psf
AAMA/ASTM Ratings HS-R35/Grade 35
Thermal Performance  
GLASS Low E Results
CRF Frame 71.00
CRF Glass 55.00
U-Value 00.53
R-Value 1.89

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White Tan

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